Restore Your Classic Car With Our Auto Restoration Service

Selling your old automobile to the auto dealer is simply out of the question. Although you don’t have the latest car model, your classic automobile still functions properly. Regular maintenance help improve the old car’s functionality and appearance. Plus, this makes it last for a long time. If your classic car needs some serious makeover, it’s time to book an auto restoration service.

Sometimes, maintenance isn’t enough to keep your classic vehicle to its former glory. Booking a restoration service is one effective way of improving its overall condition. Although there are DIY tutorials, doing the job yourself doesn’t end well. Only an auto restoration expert can do the job. Car owners here in Las Vegas, NV depend on Kao Auto Styling to have their old automobile restored properly.

Excellent Restoration Expertise

Our company has over 29 years of experience restoring cars to its former glory. Auto restoration is one of the many professional services we offer to clients. Our auto detailing technicians can restore different automobile models from the many eras. We also use the appropriate methods so we can deliver exceptional results to our clients all the time. Whatever old car model that you have for us, your car will look like it came from an auto magazine.

Professional Restoration Services

Whether it’s an auto painting job or an interior customization job, we always got you covered. Our company only hires the highly skilled and dependable car restoration experts. We always utilize top-quality products and tools for a delicate job like this. No matter what kind of car model that you have for us, consider the job done in a timely manner.

Kao Auto Styling is the company that you should call if you want to book a quality auto restoration service. Our company provides discounts for veterans, hotel employees, and senior citizens. We also offer emergency services for your urgent restoration needs. Call (702) 367-3642 or come to our shop here in Las Vegas, NV to get a free price estimate today!

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