Frequently Asked Questions

We founded our auto repair shop in 1989 and since Kao Auto Styling has become a paragon of excellence and competence. Throughout the years, we have helped numerous vehicle owners in Las Vegas, NV and because of that, we have a large client base that is constantly growing. Our auto restoration service is currently in high demand and these are some of the most common questions that we have to answer.

Q: Are You Licensed?

At our auto repair shop, we leave nothing to chance because we value the trust that our clients have in us. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. We are also accredited by BBB and offer warranties for the different products that we offer.

Q: Can You Work on Jeep Suspensions?

Yes! Faulty suspensions are the number one reason for issues concerning all-terrain vehicles. We can take good care of your jeep’s suspension system and keep it in a pristine and immaculate condition. Furthermore, we can also handle the maintenance of the wheels and fabricate for you custom jeep parts.

Q: Can You Repair My Car’s Audio System?

Absolutely! At Kao Auto Styling, we know how boring and frustrating long drives can be. This is why we offer a top-drawer auto audio system installation and repair service. With our aid, you will always be able to listen to your favorite bands and songs while you`re on the road. Furthermore, we can equip your car with a five-star audio system that will allow you to clearly hear every beat, bass drop, and lyric.

Q: Do You Offer Discounts?

Apart from working at affordable prices, we also offer discounts that you will find to be interesting. Learn more about them by giving us a phone call.

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