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Cars are luxurious investments, hence, if you have one, it would be a waste if you don’t take care of or enhance it. Whatever your reasons are, you can call a professional auto customization expert like Kao Auto Styling in Las Vegas, NV to help you. Here are the services we provide:

Classic Car Restoration

Do you have a classic car that you want to get back on the road? If you do, don’t settle for less and book our classic car restoration service provider. We have certified experts who know how to handle old cars. We have tools to restore the gleam and sheen of your old car like the way it used to be.

Volkswagen Repair

Whether you have a Volkswagen Beetle or Volkswagen bus you want to fix, our company is eager to help you achieve your goals. Book our Volkswagen repair expert and get a good value for money. We offer our Volkswagen service at an affordable price!

Custom Jeeps Styling

Do you have a jeep that wants to make it aesthetically pleasing? Head over to our shop and meet our custom jeeps styling specialists. From adding vinyl to graphics, we got you covered! We can also customize wheels, surface, and even the entire frame!

Custom Wheels

Do you want to have different wheels for different seasons? If you do, take advantage of our custom wheels service. We can create any type of wheels for any type of vehicle you own.

Custom Interiors Work

Aside from wheels, we also provide custom interiors work. We can change the entire frame, layout, and even add or remove certain designs for your satisfaction!

Paint and Body Work

Do you have a chipping paint on your car’s surface? Perhaps you want to repair a huge dent in your car’s body? Don’t worry, our paint and bodywork experts got you covered! We have professionals who have the skills and equipment.

Car Audio

We also provide car audio services! We can install stereos, speakers, or even repair electrical wirings in your car.

LED Lighting

For total customization, we can install LED lighting to anywhere in your car. We can install it below the body, hood, or even in the interior!

Kao Auto Styling is a professional car restoration and repair company in Las Vegas, NV. Call us right away at (702) 367-3642 for more info. We provide services to car owners in The Lakes NV; Boulder City NV; Blue Diamond NV; Southridge NV; Canyon Gate NV.

Services List

  • Auto Customization
  • Classic Car Restoration
  • Volkswagen Repair
  • Custom Jeep Parts Installation
  • Custom Wheels Installation
  • Interior Customization
  • Auto Painting
  • Car Audio
  • LED Lighting
  • Bodywork
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